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Open Training Education Network (OTEN)

The Open Training Education Network has courses applicable to sterilization procedures.
See their website for more details Open Training Education Network (OTEN) 



WFHSS Correspondance Courses

World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply.
Courses available online, more details at



 NWAHS Sterilizing Services Training Centre

Sterilizing Modules for Certificate III in Sterilizing Technology

For employees to contribute to safe working practices in infection control techniques by developing all necessary skills, knowledge and effective competencies in the sterilizing field.



Violet Letford
Manager, Sterilizing Services, TQEH
ph: (08) 8222 6641
fax: (08) 8222 6396 

(SA only): 

Mike Bateman

Staff Development, RAH
ph: (08) 8222 5107





Mayfield Education Centre Courses


For more information on available courses click here